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Essay about military service

essay about military service

respect and discipline that military service can. If only all people felt like this, schools might not have to require hundreds of hours of volunteer work from their high school students. Other universities have even offered some sort of notable merit. On the other hand, there are many people who believe that mandatory essay writing company military service is nothing but a bad thing. In my opinion this rule should be there in every country both for men and women. The numbers change annually depending on, among other factors, service needs, recruitment figures the year before. Every young person does not want to enroll in the military, if they wanted to they would. To begin with, service learning wouldnt benefit the should community service be mandatory for students to graduate 866 words - 3 pages Community service has been a topic of discussion throughout colleges and universities all over the country.

Compulsory Military Service Essay - ielts Buddy

essay about military service

This is becoming a major concern for various countries. How can the world's richest population let its military go begging for recruits? With their national service already completed, civilians will have the basic skills to be able to contribute within a short period of notice. The pain and pressure would be unconceivable.

There are many citizens of the world who are incredibly opposed to military violence and operations of any kind, and forcing such people to go through a mandatory period of the thing they hate the most will not breed positivity and patriotism. Some schools have already started the process by placing a minimum amount of community service hours required for a student to graduate. It would break the very core of American ideals and foundations. 2159 words - 9 pages the detainees. Many countries have compulsory military service for men after they leave school. Taking part top rated essay writing services in national military service does not necessarily mean that young people will be forced to enter war zones against their will, but the program is generally more guided towards getting new recruits to help in areas that make it easier for the senior. It will destroy the future of American generations, because when they return from the military they will not feel or behave normally, they will be psychologically affected. There are strong and valid sides to the argument from each different direction, but I personally believe that the best way to build a military force is to fill it with recruits that have chosen to be there rather than a group of mandatory participants.

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